Northern Lights is one of the most famous cannabis strains in the world and is synonymous with quality and potency. It is also one of the oldest strains around and has many cannabis cup titles to its name.


The origin of Northern Lights is well documented and was imported to the Netherlands by Neville Schoenmaker from the United States. The story goes along the lines of it being bred by a man only known as “The Indian” on an island near Seattle in Washington. There were said to be 11 plants that Neville collected, NL #1 – NL #11. Neville was the owner of the first cannabis seed bank in the world, the seed bank has since evolved and is now a world-renowned cannabis company called Sensi Seeds.



The original Northern Lights was known to be an indica dominant strain that showed purple hues in flowering, had a high bud to leaf ratio and was a true breeding plant. The leaves of the original NL were dark green and the phenotypes were said to be very stable. The original NL never arrived in seed from but were labelled cuttings from the original mother plant found in Seattle. The NL #5 was said to be the best of the lot and Neville spent a lot of time developing this strain into what it is today.


Since those early years, Northern Lights has been inbred, crossbred and hybridized to many other strains. One of the most notable strains blended with Northern Lights is the legendary Jack Herer. JH is the crossbred union of those of the most potent strains of the 20th century, namely Skunk, Haze and NL. There are hundreds of other strains that have included NL in their genetic makeup such as Lowryder, Shiva Skunk and Silver Pearl.


There are many cannabis breeders that offer various strains that they say are related to the original Northern Lights cuttings such as Reeferman Seeds, Mr. Nice Seedbank, Magus Genetics and Serious Seeds. To their credit, most of the founders of these seedbanks did work for Neville Schoenmaker in the early years and had access to the original Northern Lights varieties.


Since winning some of the earliest Cannabis Cups in Amsterdam, Northern Lights has become one of the most important lines of modern cannabis genetics. Today, most seedbanks offer their personal form and flavor of Northern Lights. There are still many stories, old wives tales about original cuts and the original Northern lights. However, it all still goes back to Neville and his journey to the United States. One thing for certain is there is more than one variety of Northern Lights, ranging from Indica to Sativa dominant.


Northern Lights Growth Characteristics.


Sensi Seeds offers an NL #5 feminized version that is a cross of selective breeding of NL #1,NL#2 and NL #5. It is an Indica dominant variety that is compact, fast flowering and potent. The flowers are large, dense and have a sour fruity flavor.