Easily known as some dank weed, Chronic is actually a well known historic cannabis strain that has since become a slang term for damn good cannabis.

Snoop Dogg takes the title of making the slang word “chronic” a popular cannabis culture describing high-quality cannabis. He misinterpreted someone saying hydroponic and thought the word was hydrochronic. Snoop just shortened the word to chronic in the early 1990’s and the rest is history. Chronic is now a well-known cultural word to describe any top-shelf bud and usually describes cannabis that is hydroponically grown. 

“It was really hydroponic and we f****d around and misinterpreted and we said it the wrong way,” he said. Snoop Dogg

Although a street term, Chronic is actually a strain of cannabis that is older than Snoops annexation of the word. The 1990’s was the start of hydroponically grown cannabis and many growers across the globe adapted their gardens for the indoors because of nosey neighbours and the draconian laws surrounding cannabis. New strains were required for indoor setups that needed to be shorter and have faster flowering times.

Serious Seeds developed the strain Chronic in 1994 by crossbreeding AK47, Northern Lights and Skunk to produce an indica dominant strain. Chronic is a medium-sized plant with one central cola and a few side branches. It is known as a good yielder and quality strain for growing cash crops. Serious Seeds improved the original Chronic in 2000 and since the relaunch of Chronic the strain has once again become popular amongst professional growers.

Chronic is a sweet smelling flowering plant with hints of honey and spice. With its renowned lineage of genetics, you won't be surprised at the harvest of tight dense buds. The effects of Chronic are uplifting leaving your body with tingly sensations running from your toes to face.


Medically, Chronic seems to assist people suffering from stress, seizures and headaches. It is great when used as an anti-inflammatory and excellent for pain management.

Chronic was Serious Seeds’ first commercially available cannabis strains. Since then they have won over 98 awards for their cannabis genetics, including Chronic. Serious Seeds has since developed the Chronic strain and crossbred it with high CBD strain in collaboration with another breeding team, CBD-Crew. The new breed of Chronic is now a balanced ratio of 1:1 THC:CBD and is perfectly suited for medical marijuana patients.


“The combination was lab-tested in Spain and ALL 10 samples had a 1:1 ratio of THC:CBD. The average potency was 5,4 % THC : 5,8 % CBD, with the best plant scoring 7,88 % THC and 6,93 % CBD!” - Serious Seeds 




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